Inform Us, and You Inform the World. Report an incident so we can spread the word, or join our reporting team and use the web, social networking sites and other resources to identify, map and track various occurences.

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Join our Editorial Team. Editors are welcome who would like to work with reporters and review and publish data in our world database. Editors assist in tracking the outcomes of occurrences, and can also serve as reporters.

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Researching or tracking censorship  issues? The map at provides a searchable database and email notification system for occurrences in your geographic area, and beyond.


We are looking for social networking experts and Report-It Teams from around the world.

InformUs encourages the public -- alongside educators, professional librarians and staff, and journalists -- to report, track and map censorship and associated threats to information freedom. InformUS is a platform for data aggregation, academic research, public policy formation and news analysis for areas that include: banned and challenged books and other materials; over-filtering on computers and networks; threats to privacy and confidentiality for adults and minors; legislative, executive, judicial and other government actions; professional/academic freedom issues; censorship in prison libraries and learning environments. We also encourage anonymous reporting on "self-censorship" experiences, including social and work-place pressures to censor.

Visit our map and database to report anonymously by clicking on the (see below), where you will find color-coded reporting forms for world-wide mapping: 1) Rapid Report-It (short form); 2) Banned or Challenged Materials Form; 3) Privacy/Surveillance Form; 4) Government Actions -- Legis/Exec/Judicial Form; 5) Overfiltering/Internet Occurrences Form; 6) Prison Censorship Form; 7) Professional/Academic Freedom Form; 8) Other Form, covering: self-censorship, word or phrase censorship, intimidation, hate crimes, forced or voluntary use of trigger warning in classrooms, etc.